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The Right Side of the River

Out of all the cities in the world, New York City is one of the most talked about, written about, and caught on camera—and for good reason. With over 60 million visitors each year, isn’t it about time you came (or came back) to explore our ever changing metropolis? Start here in Brooklyn for the most authentic experience and allow our in-the-know blog to guide you along the way.


Stockings Stuffed by Brooklyn

Vintage, minimalist, recycled, handcrafted, locally-made. It all rings a bell: Brooklyn. If you seek to eschew large chain stores and major brands in support of local makers and artisans, you’re in the right place.

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Best of Brooklyn Walking Tours

This walking tour leads you through Brooklyn's hippest neighborhood of Williamsburg. Discover cutting-edge culture, fascinating history, and creative street art.

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Little Cloud

One may shy away from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade—after all, 3.5 million people fill the streets of NYC, and the crowds can be difficult to navigate. However, there is no denying that Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without those lovable floats gently looming over Gotham.

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Shopping, Creatives, Makers, and More!

Nothing beats shopping local and unique finds in Brooklyn. Up Market Williamsburg is returning October 13th-14th, from 12:00-6:00 pm for its second edition this year. Spend the weekend stocking up on goodies from a tightly curated selection of independent makers and designers.

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A Perfect Day in Brooklyn

Brooklyn has its own unique vibe worth exploring. Let us walk you through a perfect day. Wake up in your luxe bed at The Williamsburg Hotel and pop downstairs for a picture-perfect farm-to-table breakfast at newly opened, Our Restaurant. 

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Taste Williamsburg GreenPoint

Do you enjoy craft food, spirits, and sweets? Lucky you. One of the most mouthwatering events is coming to the East River State Park on September 16th. Taste the best of Williamsburg's and Greenpoint’s most innovative and savory restaurants, bars, wineries, and more. 

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MoMA Design Store

Pop into the MoMA Design store to stock up on unique gifts. Gift hunting in other cities ignites the thrill of the hunt. However, MoMA makes it harder and easier at the same time. The vast assortment of cool buys such as Cindy Sherman Oops Pool Float or MoMA exclusive edition IZIPIZI sunglasses, guarantee you will leave with something unusual.

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Movies Under the Stars

Watch Jawbreakers, When Harry Met Sally, and more at Williamsburg’s SummersScreen this year. Summer is the season where we take everything we like to do inside and move it outside, because, we can. Northside Media just announced it’s lineup of tightly curated cult-classic films for their 13th season of SummerScreen. 

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A Brief History of Jazz in New York City

New York City may have joined the jazz party late, following Chicago and New Orleans, but it quickly became one of the leading contenders, with jazz styles like the “Harlem Stride” drawing piano lovers from near and far.

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David Bowie Is Arrives at the Brooklyn Museum 

Activate your inner Bowie-fan and spend a day obsessing over the glam rock icon. The retrospective is good, really good, featuring over 400 objects from his life and career, 100 of them reserved exclusively for the exhibition.

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david lynch

David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption

Calling all music, art, and movie lovers--David Lynch is bringing his Los Angeles Festival of Disruption for the first time to Brooklyn. With a tightly curated selection of artist, head to Brooklyn Steel for two days of music, exhibitions, screenings, and meditation.

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Unexpected Valentine’s Day Ideas

Some travel the traditional route for Valentine’s Day, while others aim higher. Make Cupid’s holiday memorable and unique with these chill suggestions.

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New Year’s Resolutions to Kick Off 2018

Start the year off right by challenging your 2018-self to be more adventurous than ever. Every person passing through Williamsburg should add these new year’s resolutions to their list:

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